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Candied Salmon Belly - Holiday Pre-Order

Candied Salmon Belly - Holiday Pre-Order

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Zaidies candied smoked salmon is everything you want it to be and more... sweet, salty, fatty goodness that is like no other.

Our candied smoked salmon is the belly portion of the fish that starts by taking a 24hr nap in a special brine that sets the pace for its inevitable future... the smoker.

After that well-deserved rest, the salmon then takes a fresh, crisp, cold shower getting itself ready for a big day. The salmon is gently dusted with Zaidies secret seasoning and rubbed down with Canada’s finest maple syrup. 

At this point, the smoker is rip-roaring and ready to receive the salmon. Every 30-45 minutes the kippered salmon gets a fresh coat of a blend of maple syrup and Zaidies secret seasoning for 6-7 hours.



Deliveries will start on December 21 and be completed by December 23.

Please note that this will likely be the last batch we produce until spring 2023. Now would be the time to stock your freezers.

We offer free local delivery on orders over $90. For orders under $90, there is a flat-rate fee of $5.

We deliver in Montreal, including the West Island.

Fresh & Freeze

Each package of salmon comes in a half-pound format, vacuum sealed and pre-sliced. A half-pound of Zaidies smoked salmon can fill up 4-6 bagels and stay fresh for about 5-7 days once the vacuum seal has been opened. Keep frozen until use.

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The making of smoked salmon

Everything but the bagel.

Zaidies has your smoked salmon desire covered. Enjoy our glorious variety of smoked salmon products and accouterment.

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