Here is Zaidies smoked salmon perfectly hand sliced waiting for you to order it in Montreal

Zaidies smoked salmon is a labor of love.

Made fresh every week, Montreal's favorite smoked salmon starts with sushi-grade farmed Atlantic salmon sustainably sourced from BC.

The process starts with the brine.

We use both a dry bring for our cold smoked salmon and a wet brine for our hot smoked salmon products.

Once we receive the salmon, we immediately begin to process it.

We rinse the salmon and place it in the appropriate brine, also known as the cure. We call this putting the salmon to sleep, as it spends 24hrs resting in the salt, sugar, and seasonings. On day two, we start by rinsing the salmon from the cure. At this point, we have what most people would consider gravlax. Now is when the Zaidies smoked salmon recipe starts to take shape. We generously season the salmon with our secret Zaidies seasoning, followed by a bath in Canada's tasty liquid gold: maple syrup.

The next step is to smoke.

We use maple wood to help balance the salt from the brine and seasoning. Our cold smoked salmon is lightly smoked. It truly is the perfect harmony between gravlax and smoked salmon. Our cold smoked salmon is hand-sliced. We have found a slicing technique that creates a beautiful mouthfeel.

Zaidies smoked salmon lineup waiting to be packaged.

As we slice, we package.

While the slicing of the smoked salmon takes place, the hot smoked salmon continues to smoke. We glace them with maple syrup every hour until cooked perfectly. + After 5-6hrs, the kippered and the candied salmon is removed from the smokers to rest and cool down before packaging.

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Last steps.

Our smoked salmon has officially reached the final lap in its journey before hitting your plate. At this stage, you have to order your Zaidies smoked salmon for local delivery.

Orders are delivered every Wednesday. The order deadline for delivery is Wednesday at 10 am.

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The making of: smoked salmon