Welcome to Zaidies - What's Cooking Good Looking 001

Welcome to the first edition of what’s cooking good looking! An inside look into the mind of Jake Wolf and the journey to resurrect Zaidies!

Disclaimer: If you’ve had the opportunity to meet Jake you know that he occasionally forgets his filter at home. Please trust that his intentions are always in the right place and never means to offend anyone. If you are sensitive to language please just skip past the rare vulgarity that may occur. Also, throughout these segments I will be referring to myself as the salmon daddy or just daddy.

I just have to get this off my chest and say, FUCK! Covid really fucked shit up for a lot of people.

In May of 2020 the Salmon Daddy was born and the resurrection of Zaidies had started. People were always asking for our smoked salmon and it was finally time to give the people what they were looking for. Let me tell you, every day, every week, every month since we launched has been more and more eye opening. The amount of knowledge that I am trying to consume is wild! What started as a side hustle very quickly became the real deal.

I’m not sure why, but there’s a lot of people questioning the fact that we claim to be famous since 1981. The truth is that my great grandparents had a hotel in Ste Agathe called Rabiners and in 1981 my dad (Les), and his brother (Nel), opened up a restaurant called Zaidies which was situated in the hotel.

Another question that I get asked all the time is where is the fish from? To be honest I’m never sure what I am supposed to answer. Like do you want my supplier? Do you want to know where the fish is farmed? Do you want to know my secrets? It’s wild to me that people tend to ask the most irrelevant questions. As my mom would say, just eat the fucking fish!

If you know my mother you know that she’s a boss ass bitch that is a very elegant but stern woman who commands respect. I love my mother!

Let’s talk about my father, the legend himself, Big Les aka Zaidie. What perfect timing that only a few weeks after relaunching Zaidies, Les officially becomes a Zaid! Les is the smoked salmon don. Back in 2014 Big Les started pumping out smoked salmon goodness for friends, family, and people in high places. Who knew that this delicious GOLD would be what changes our lives.

At the end of every blog post I will most likely do one of my shameless plugs. In this particular case I've got a lot to talk about.

Firstly, I would like to encourage you to head over to Instagram and give @ZaidiesMTL a follow. There you will find entertaining stories that involve the process of making the salmon, along with me hyping up your day and trying to sell you more smoked salmon.

Secondly, for the month of October we are offering FREE local delivery for the Montreal area including the West Island. The whole idea behind this is to encourage you to stay home, be safe, and drive sales. 

With that being said, please head over to our OG Zaidies Smoked Salmon page and support local!

Let me just add, I am so grateful for all the love and support from all of you gorgeous and delicious people of the internet. It gives me the drive to wake up and pump out that delicious GOLD for all you tasty treats.

For now, keep on keeping on.

Jake Wolf / Salmon Daddy

Zaidies Smoked Salmon